Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring has sprung

Wow. It really is unseasonably warm right now. We've got tiny birds flitting around the garden, and clumps of bulbs bursting through everywhichway, like these purple beauties I snapped before the dogs peed them into submission.

Winter has passed in a flash this year, so I thought I'd better put pen to paper (or paws to keyboard) to detail what I've been up to. Aside from a few freelance endeavours, January was mostly taken up by my father's web site. It's something I've been meaning to do every year since his death, but I always seem to find an excuse to put it off. But my father's good film friend and colleague Bob Anderson passed away in January, which gave me a bit of a jolt. So I finally seized the nettle. It's still got some way to go, but at last you can read up on my father's film and tv credits, a little bit of his backstory, and play "Peter-Spotting" with the family. It's been fun making up all those trading cards, and I've got loads more still to add.

This month, it's been my turn. I've been tinkering away, designing my very own web space. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. I guess I've always thought of Toonhound as being my main presence online. If you're looking for me, that's where I'll usually be. But it's about time I put down that umbrella and showcased everything I do. So that's forthcoming, folks. And speaking of Toonhound , I've given the place a little kickstart in the last week, and have finally indexed the monochrome Gerry Anderson series. Twizzle, Torchy and Four Feather Falls have been noticable absentees from the "Puppets" section, until now.  I really ought to press on and ensure Roberta Leigh's sixties puppet series join the site too.

I've been writing as well. Several more chapters of my long-gestating hurry-up-and-finish-the-darned-thing first novel have been edited and signed off this month. I'm getting there, at last. Where ever "there" is, exactly. And I've thrown down some sketches for yet another new strip project, to develop at a later date. As for BLIP, well, that's about to get up and running again after this mini-hiatus, I swear. I want to get the rest of that bizarre encounter in Arcadia completed and online for your perusal asap. And most importantly of all, I really shouldn't leave such a long period between blog posts!

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