Thursday, 31 March 2011

Covering up

I've been tinkering with some cover ideas for BLIP, this week, and have settled on these trim designs for Part 1 and Part 2:

Yes, I know there's no title on there, and I know that in any real world scenario I'd be committing commercial suicide. But this isn't a commercial venture right now. I'm self-publishing these first encounters for my own gratification, initially. And these are going to be limited promotional runs, prior to them being compiled into a standalone volume. And I like them. So there.

Actually, the title will be on the back, and on the preface page. And if you really want to know where I'm coming from, I'm thinking ahead to some fabulous future day, where there might be an array of BLIP stories out there, in the Great Beyond, and I like the notion that you could line up all the chapters side-by-side and see the progression on the covers, almost like a flip book. That plain design also lends itself well to a promo device I've got planned... a li'l freebie... if I can get it together...

See, I have got my commercial head on. I've just screwed it on at a funny angle...

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