Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's back!

Yep, we've had a load of the white stuff dumped on us again. Ten inches, at last count. And it's not even December. 2010 has been a very snowy year. But as luck would have it, we've just taken delivery of  a brand new boiler and central heating system. That's something we didn't have last time and, boy, does it make a difference. Now we're all toasty in our King Street home. We're able to emerge to take fab photos of  Elgin Cathedral and its environs, and - heaven forbid - we can even enjoy the picture postcard scenery at last.

Creatively speaking, the snowy weather is hugely inspiring. But I'm having to keep things in check because, despite all of my previous promises, I'm still working on BLIP, slogging through the colour work, adjusting things, terribly s-l-o-w-l-y. And alongside that, I've been preparing a short story for my favourite sea-dog Pedigree, R.N. It's a six-page encounter set around All Hallows' Eve. Even so, as the world turned white this weekend, so a second short story idea pushed its way into my head. A Winter one, this time. So that's two trim tales for me to work on. And if I'm not careful, there'll be more on their heels...

Oh well. These two tales will enable me to test the waters, so to speak, before I launch into that full-scale sixty-page adventure I've already scripted and prepared. I'm desperate to get drawing, but I need to finish BLIP before I go any further. I mustn't dwell on Pedigree, or that beautiful new snow, and just keep focused. So it's BLIP, BLIP, BLIP all the way for the time being. And I'm hoping beyond hope that, next time I post on this blog, I'll be holding the finished article in my hands. What a wonderful Xmas present that would be!...

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