Monday, 11 October 2010

Starzoids and Moon Ticks

There are plenty of weird and wondeful space creatures in the BLIP universe. I've already given you a glimpse of several Space Lice, those bio-mechanoid Limpets, and the Great Cosmic Jellyfish they like to interact with. Today, however, I thought I'd introduce you to two more species who put in a wee guest appearance in our first story.

First up, we have the Starzoids. These are the equivalent of galactic starfish. You'll find them everywhere, from Adromeda to Centaurus A. There are many-legged variants, and they come in all sorts of rainbow colours, but they all share a fondness for liquid methane. Look for them in the shallows, or basking in the rising heat of a Red Dwarf, until it all gets too much for them. Then we get to witness the spectacle of their mass exodus to a new home. It's a naturalist's delight...

And we'll follow up with an example of a Moon Tick. They're parasitic beetles, and they're quite harmless, unless provoked. You'll find them on every barren moon going. They'll scuttle out of their craters to scavenge on - well - whatever's in reach, they're not at all picky....

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