Saturday, 2 October 2010

Show and tell

How much of your work should you show in advance? - That's the Big Question I'm faced with right now. I've finished drawing parts one and two of my interstellar encounter and am now knee deep in Photoshop layers as I make the final adjustments to each page. It's a horrendously time-consuming process, with far too much internal debating going on, but there's a little skip of joy to be had as I eventually click and save those final TIFF files, in turn, knowing that I'm one page nearer my goal and counting down to some sort of publication. Now I want to share them with the world as they appear, but I reckon I have to hold back a bit, and wait until I can give everyone a fully-fledged, all-singing, all-dancing preview to get their teeth into. Well, okay, by "everyone" I mean the seven folks who have kindly subscribed to this stop-start blog. But as I've said here before, the fact that anyone at all is interested in my cosmic endeavour gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. I am most truly grateful. And so's my li'l alien buddy. He wouldn't have got this far without you...


  1. This image is so jazzed out, weirdo cool, I'd like to see this as a huge artwork hung in a gallery. I love everything you're doing with Blips and Pieces Frazer and the thing I really love - is the fact that I don't understand it.

    It's just weirdly beautiful, because it creates it's own groove.

    But my advice would be to hold the bulk of it to your chest - what you're doing is enough - seriously.

  2. Peter, once again I have to thank you for your unswerving support. It's very much appreciated, and it's strange, because my Better Half has been saying just the same thing, since I started. She says I should go large with it, too... All I can say again is that, big or small, it does make sense, in a cosmic way, in the end. And the three parts tie together rather sweetly - Honest!