Friday, 12 March 2010

Old friends

Dagnabbit. I've been buzzed by those old Distraction Flies again. Try as I might, they've been circling in my head and teasing me away from BLIP. In particular, they've drawn me towards two old projects that I've now dusted down, ready for a relaunch someway, somehow, soon.

If you're a Toonhound regular, you might recognise this chap. This is Captain Brutus Alexander Pedigree - Pedigree, R.N. - and it seems his first riproaring sea-bound adventure has finally come together, in the form of a fully-worked and ready-to-rumble storyline. I've harboured fantastic dreams about this Sea Dog for the last - oh - ten years now, so it's very exciting to be able to sit back and see that everything works, all the plot points slot neatly together and there's an explosive denouement in the Solent that looks great on the page. The Eye of Pharos features a nemesis from Pedigree's past, a Stygian Witch and a dastardly plot to kill the King of England and steal the throne. It would be - nay - should be a 60-page album, but I mustn't get carried away here. After all, I still haven't even drawn the first page!

And then, well, there's my long-gestating series of Victorian Mystery Thrillers. The genre is back in vogue now, following the popular exploits of Mr Moore's Gentlemen and Mr Ritchie's hit film. But I was ahead of the curve when I started. Honest. Anyhow, I have now fathomed out the plots and arcs for four Darke & Wilde adventures. That's Mr Darke, known as The Twice Dead Man, and his troubled companion Mr Wilde. They could be great fun, though once more, my dreams are running away from the reality in which I have written only the first 8,000 words. But they're good words. And as first drafts go, I'm very happy indeed. I've written lots of scripts and screenplays before, but have always felt that a novel, or novels (ha!), might be beyond me. I don't have the patience for all that additional detail. Or at least, I didn't until my two lead characters finally coalesced in my head last week. It's taken ages to get here, now everything's flowing like water, and the characters are writing their own dialogue. I've never really experienced that before and it bodes well.

So what of BLIP? - Well, he's still here/there. In fact, he's just about complete. I have maybe five or six pages left to draw and colour, so stay tooned for a proper BLIP-only posting very soon. I might just add, I'm very happy with what I've achieved, if a little perturbed at the length of time it's taken to produce an encounter that's so very slight on the page. Seriously, when you see it, you'll wonder why on earth it took me so long... But don't blame me... Bzz... Blame those fiendish Distraction Flies... Bzz... Bzz...