Friday, 16 October 2009

Layers of difficulty

So far, I've been colouring BLIP using Photoshop layers. And there have been no problems . Drop each colour on a new layer, combine, and voila. I know there are quicker methods. I just like working this way. But when you up the ante, it can't half cause problems. Take a look at page 25:

I've got a number of pages like this. Dropping all of those colours on to different layers has proved tricky for this beginner, and once or twice, as I've shifted between layers I've found myself adding touches of the wrong colour to the wrong layer, and - the biggest sin - dropping colour on to my top layer, which floods the black line copy. I'm working at 400%, a lot of the time, and it's very easy to miss this kind of thing and realise too late that you've just saved your file in this flooded state. I did that twice on this page. I'm guessing it just takes practice, and it's all part of that big creative Learning Curve!...


  1. Really lovely, lovely stuff! I don't know what it's about but I know it's wonderful.

    It looks a bit like a journey into the inner recesses of Matt Groening's brain.

  2. Thanks for the jolly feedback, Peter. I'm not sure I know what it's about, either! - But I'm having fun creating the thing...

    I must say, Cloud 109 is a must-read blog for me, at the moment. The way you're detailing your own work-in-progress, and your thought process, is both fascinating and informative. Can't wait to read the finished adventure!

  3. I'm really enjoying this blog!

    If you want to avoid accidentally filling your line layer, you can lock it (there's a little padlock-shaped button right at the top of the layers palette). It's the first thing I do before I start coloring. I learned this after about three months of accidentally destroying my line layer.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. D'oh! - Just shows how inexperienced I am here...

    And needless to say Nate, I'm thrilled to bits to hear from you. Project Waldo is an immense undertaking, way-y-y out of my little homespun league!

    I must say, this positive feedback is really giving me something good to focus on right now. It's all too easy for my mind to wander to the Dark Side, especially in the wee hours, as the rain beats against my attic skylight, and I start to question my ability once more...

    Thanks again!