Thursday, 30 April 2009

Not gone - just busy!

Hold your horses! - Don't panic! - My new-found enthusiasm for all things self-doodled hasn't gone just yet. I've simply been busy. Busy-buzzing-bee-busy, as it happens. Toonhound's needed a whole lot of work, of late. And I've been dealing with some super-stressful things on the outside world, from dogs with broken teeth to a planning nightmare that's unspooling opposite our happy Highland home. But despite everything, or maybe because of it, I've decided to embark upon the very first, fully-fledged, all-singing, all-dancing BLIP strip. Yep. And it'll be in colour, too. That's if I can get my head around Photoshoping and separating it all correctly, instead of quick-filling and painting with Fireworks. My old scanner's not so hot, either, and knitting those 600dpi scans together without errors is causing me no end of bother... Sheesh... Anyways, stay tooned for BLIP, beginning here... very soon!...

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